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Why Herbal Medicine?

The Modern Western Medical Model has been nothing short of miraculous when it comes to certain life saving measures- stopping heart attacks, saving lives after a horrific car accident, treating cancer. But what about all the little things that are brushed off? Unexplained? Told are in your head? What about the little annoying things that have been with you so long you accept them as normal? What about the emotional or mental aspects of your life that aren't "wrong" but you wish were different- like low grade irritability, constant worrying, melancholy, or laughing.... but at inappropriate times.

Starting 5000 years ago Chinese Herbalists began to sort these seemingly benign unrelated symptoms in to what they described as "patterns of disharmony." They saw health and wellness as a state of living in harmony with yourself in your body and in your environment around you. When the body slips out of that harmony it will begin to manifest in different "patterns," depending on what organ system is out of sync in your body and what factors are at play in your life. The really great thing about herbalism is that it treats the whole person- body, mind, and spirit- instead of separating a person into parts. After assessing your life and symptoms, a qualified herbalist can make suggestions to gently, safely and naturally bring your body back to that place of harmony with in your body once again.

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