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Krista Edwards

My Journey

Herbalism has allowed me to take my passion for helping people to lead healthier lives working as a personal trainer to a higher level by being able to combine fitness, nutrition, and healing. After my own health situation caused me to become disenchanted with conventional medicine as a sole solution, I began to seek other alternatives to healing and discovered the world of herbal medicine. 

 What started as a curious trip to a couple herb shops quickly exploded into me trying to learn as much as I could about herbs and how to use them. After much encouragement from my husband, I enrolled in EastWest in 2015.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was a concept that was completely foreign yet absolutely life changing to not only me and my family, but also my personal training clients. Many of them would have so many “symptoms” for which they could not find help. Herbalism afforded them the answers to the health questions they were searching for. 

In the time spent away from herbal studies and work, my husband, I and three kids manage a small hobby farm in Dadeville, MO with goats, sheep, chickens, bees, and Cuddles the cow.

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