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“The greatest wealth is health”


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Herbal Treatment

How Can Herbs Change Your Life?

Have you been struggling with your health?  You have a feeling that something isn't quite right but you can't put your finger on it? Or maybe you've been to the doctor.... or several doctors, and still have more questions than answers?

I use the Traditional Chinese Medicine model to choose plants with the right energetics and actions to help bring you back to optimal health.  By selecting the appropriate herb for you specifically, any pattern of disharmony in your body can be brought back into balance. 

By using plant remedies, balance can often be obtained in a gentle yet powerful way, and often with no or few side effects. Your body innately desires to heal itself, but must have the right tools and environment to do so.  I help you identify the tools and environment needed to bring balance and wellness into your life.  A body in balance is well.

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